Posted by: Principal/Editor | August 21, 2008

In search of a “weltanschaung” or “pemandangan dunia” on leadership in education

Keng Choy, William, Richard, Hairon, Jonathan and Vicente — during one of the more recent Aporias Atheneum@ sessions — had a lively discussion on the need to identify a “weltenschaung” or “pemandangan dunia” or a worldview in relation to leadership in education. It was agreed that this “worldview” must interrogate mainstream definitions of leadership in education but at the same time acknowledge that societies located in the Asian geographic region may have perspectives that could conceivably coincide, complement or even contradict mainstream leadership constructs. It was agreed that a “conversation” in relation to the search for this Asian perspective on leadership in education would be initiated and continued primarily through this initial post. Possibilities of documenting these conversations perhaps through a volume on leadership in education can only be seriously considered after a consensus on a plausible construct that can be described as an emerging Asian perspective on leadership in education is achieved.



  1. This initial post by Vincente covers the conversations and directions traversed rather well including the tensions and complexities of the proposal.

    I mulled over a potential title for the book and came up with the following as a teaser/starter

    Questioning notions of ‘mainstream’ educational leadership theories and practices: Re-conceptualissation using ‘Asian’ lenses.

    I hope this stimulates further debates.

  2. the main idea of creating an Asian perspective of leadership is something i strongly believe in. I do not think we can just take the western literature wholesale and implement as leadership and decisions are affected by culture, social dynamics and society in general. In Asia and the west, the culture, societal dynamics and expectation of society in education is very different. The disccussion should not just be from the educators viewpoint but from the society proper and their demands or views.

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