Posted by: Principal/Editor | April 30, 2008

Welcome to Aporia Atheneum©


Aporia Atheneum© or the School for Paradoxical Leadership consists of a group of individuals who have decided to come together in a “loosely-coupled” manner consistent with Weick as an “epistemic community” in the words of Haas or an “advocacy coalition” in the tradition of Sabatier or simply put as an attempt to be an informal “think tank” to borrow a colloquial term that has now come to mean a “research or policy establishment”. The range of questions that our group wishes to interrogate fall under the broad genus of leadership and the subsequent species of “educational or school”, “institutional”, “experimental”, “change”, “hypocritical” and “foolish” just to name a few.

As you visit our web blog, we invite you to share with us your thoughts, comments, suggestions and objections. We are eager to discover new paradoxes. Perhaps in this manner, we can arrive at a better understanding of the myriad definitions and incarnations of leadership.



  1. I reckon that there is too much hype about leadership. Leadership used to be a component of management. Now people has tried to distingusih the two consepts through sophistry. I am of the view that if you can’t manage you cant’s lead, and vice versa. There are other aspects of management we should be concerned with, for example motivation, job satisfaction and commitment.

  2. There are many great leaders who do not talk about or teach leadership and probably have never attended leadership courses or talks. I wonder therefore, if it is not fair to say that what seems more important is the “act” of leading. We may have lots of thoughts and ideas about leadership but nothing moves unless the first step is taken, as the old saying goes “action speaks louder”. Leaders respond in spontaneous ways mostly using common sense (although many claim that common sense is uncommon), taking the best action given the available information at that point in time.

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